A thought

Life is change.
Never stagnate, Life is like a river that’s always and forever in constant motion. We experience life changing all around us, in every minute of everyday. The circumstances that Life presents us with is an open opportunity to change. When we are face with certain circumstances, we make the choose to either flow with the changes life presents us or get swept away inside the emotional riptide.

This came to me one day while I was listening to a person complain about their life on a warm rainy day.  I wondered why he didn’t just sit back and let whatever was going on just slide off his back, like water on a duck, but then I got to thinking. We are always changing. The daily things that go on in our lives help to shape us into who we will become, or should I say our daily choices. That’s when I started thinking about stories and how each characters would react to what was going on in there lives.  How would you feel if this happen, what would you do? Just random thoughts then they became lines, paragraphs, chapters and soon stories. Here is the result of that random thought. They became flash fictions and now a collections that I’m thinking about changing into one book called The Between

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