The only reason for being a professional writer is that you can’t help it.Leo Rosten


I’m obsessed.  Writing has become my obsession. It’s the sole reason for me to get up most mornings so that I can jump in front of my computer. When I have a moment in the day, I sit and write. Is it what I need to be doing with my spare time? I say yes, each moment that I’m at my computer writing, now since I’m at the editing stage on most of my work, I feel closer to getting my books out there for others to read and talk about.  I find myself most nights waking with a thought and have to write it down or fire up the computer for another sleepless night. I’ve had  far to many them of late. I will toll over a piece wither or not to keep it or put it aside,but in the end I know that the time I take away from watching television or cleaning out the car will be worth the effort I put into the books. This has to be an obsession for any writer or the work will suffer. It will become an unfinished book, or be a half-hearted effort that shows in the story . Obsessions of this kind fuel the artist within us all to create, to push forward, to make end-roads to what we desire.  So yes, I’m obsessed.

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