I’m so hooked on Scandal. Can you  believe I stopped  editing my novel to watch this show? Its so addictive, and the lead is a strong Black Female. Wow! I love this show, it has everything in it. Love, intrigue, suspense, mystery drama, oh just simply juicy stuff.  If you haven’t heard about this drama well let me tell you about it. Scandal is an American political thriller television series  created by Shondra Rhines, who also created the shows Private Pratice and Gray’s Anatomy. It stars the lovely Kerry Washington as a crisis manger extraordinaire and the female lead in a prime time drama.   This story was inspired by the life of a real life crisis manager Judy Smith.  Kerry plays this unheard of role ,  prime-time network, with  poise and control. Her movements and speech as well as her demeanor are par none. Her character whispers respect me and allures us with her  sense of purpose. Her weekly performance has the viewing audience enthralled.  She is in one word, dignified in an almost impossible state every show, yet I can’t help but applauded her total control of every crisis.  This is a great show for the whole family. Shondra has done it again.

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