Six Sentence Sunday

I heard about this meme from a few of my friends,  Toi and Andrea ,a while ago and decided to participate this Sunday and hopefully pass it on to others.
It consists of blogging just six sentence of your book  to your blogging community, that’s it. I hope you will enjoy my six sentences on this Sunday.

Don’t Explain

Dr. Helen Weinstein was not what Slayer expected the first time he’d come into her office nearly two years ago. It was the name that threw him off. He’d expected to see a white woman with blond hair and blue eyes. Instead, what he got was a sistha with tiny twists in a tight bum showing off a face of an African goddess,with dazzling almond eyes and the body of a stripper. Shit, she was the fire. Slayer wished, at the time, he had a few bucks to throw her way, but not now. This tight ass  want-a-be, ain’t  nobody’s  sistah.


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