When is the right time?

We are at the end of the year 2012.  The Mayan calendar predicted that the world, as we know it, will ended on 12/21/12. Perhaps they were right.  Its been a year of full of turmoil, a time when we witness horrific acts predicated on our children and babies like never before. This year we saw that a child, while walking home, drinking a soft drink, was accosted by a man with a gun. A night out at the movies, a common thing for young adults, turned into a madman’s shooting spree.  A  festive speech at a local mall, became an opportunity for a psychotic young man to fire off rounds at a standing senator and into the crowd. Now, in the most seemingly common place where our children feel safeness. We have a deranged man entering an elementary school, killing babies.

People said it wasn’t time to talk about gun control when this happen in Columbine. They said it wasn’t time when it happen at Virginia Tech or Northern Illinois universities. It’s too soon,  they said after the killings at the Colorado movie theater. We didn’t want to talk about it then, because it was too insensitive to those grieving families. Yet, if we had talked about putting stricter  laws on the books for automatic and semi automatic weapons, just after the first incident happen, perhaps the others would not have occurred.

They show pictures on the news  all the time about how guns are sold on the streets to criminals, but assault riffles are sold every day in gun shows as though  the laws just do not apply. Neither is better than the other, they both are crimes that put semi automatic and automatic guns on our streets that are meant to kill people. For some one to say that buying a gun at a gun show is different, is just being naïve.  Just because you bought it using a credit card, means nothing if you didn’t buy it lawfully.

Are we that scared as a nation, with the best military in the world to defend our borders , that  we have to have assault rifles in our homes? Are we that afraid  that, if we don’t have a M16 in our cars, we aren’t safe?  Will a semi automatic weapon mean that you and your home are protected against what haunts you in the night? How many weapons will it take for you to feel like you have enough to defend yourself, an armor? Yet, will that still be enough?

Every single person that went on a killing spree in the last several years, has had multiple  guns in there homes, bought  from gun shows or retailers like Wal-Mart. They claim that it was for hunting purposes. What were they hunting, certainly not a deer or rabbits. Those weapons have only one purpose, killing  humans. The right to carry arms is one thing, but to have those types of weapons like the ones that kill children this Friday, are used strictly for multiple killings. The right to bear arms, is a right we have, but to have military grade weapons on our streets is wrong.

I’m ex-military, I know all too how to use these types of weapons and how they destroy.  I saw what they can do the human body, so for  someone to say to me that if someone at that school had a gun, then none of this would have happen and those children would not be dead. Is crazy. This isn’t the wild west, yet a lot of people think what they see on television is real life. If someone else was there with a gun, it  would have been two shooter at that school, and bullets, no matter how experience the shooter, don’t always go where you think they will.  It amazes me that people with multiple guns, seem to think that a gun answers all. A gun should be the last result in any situation.

People think that, just because they have a gun its easy to pull that trigger. Well, it’s not, and even if you do shot someone, you don’t  know what that does to your mind and spirit. How it plays over and over again in your dreams. Or how just  carrying a weapon around makes you think you are invincible, but you aren’t because like you, that other guy has a gun too and he’s thinking the same thing. This whole thing is crazy.

We are left  with just how to protect our children? As it stands now, they are in lock down. I’ve gone to some school where they are like prisons. An armed guard stands at the door, checking each child as they walk through a metal detectors while another guard dumps their backpacks out to inspect what’s inside, all so you can feel like your child is safe. What else will we be willing to  put our children through for their protection.  Will there be no more playgrounds at the schools, only concrete and 10 foot tall brick walls with wire across them so no child can escape, like they are in a prison. Will armed guards walk the halls checking for danger lurking in each room. Will there be timed sensors on the doors and windows, locking down the school while its in session. There will be no playing around after school with friends, because the police will demand everyone leave. What are we willing to do to protect the children, because, it seems, taking away our guns is out of the question.

When is the right time to protect our children? When is enough, enough, perhaps the next time this happens.

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