Do You Believe?

Do you believe the sweet drops of rain

on a hot summer day for grain

Are the tears of Heaven’s fears

Throughout our industrial years

What of the wind, when it blows

that brings snows that froze nose

Did you know, they’re the results

of Butterflies wings in Ming

Have you heard, scientist say

the stars above are planets waiting

for Adam to calm his Eve

it’s all in the equating

as some do deceive

History states, that the Mayan believe

the Sun and Moon were star-crossed lovers

Cursed to never retrieve what was lost

under the covers

Are there monsters in the lake

Like Loch Ness giving quake

or Big Foot in the woods

Scaring fools for good.

And what of that thing

you call your heart

that’s tearing us apart?

See that dove

flying high above

love soars, why shove it away

You’ll believe one day.

Copyright © 2013 Glynis Rankin

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