Night of Delight


I walked through the woods, on a starry night,

lead by a group of fireflies

When I came upon a clearing

and found lovers entwine in sexual delight.


To my surprise, the fireflies glowed bright

encircling them in a spotlight,

of blissful flight


An owl hooted, in rhythm with the sounds of crickets

as they serenade the lovers carnal release

and eventual bis


I watched in the shadows , enthralled with their natural display and nature’s total acceptance.

What could be more pure, then its  allure


I watch them for a while, unashamed with glee,

how beautiful the human body, when it’s completely free


I finally turned to walk away

lead only by a single firefly,

hopeful it will lead the way,

to my own night of delight

Copyright © 2013 Glynis Rankin




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