Black Blood

“Did you hear that?” Mary Henson asked her husband of twenty years.

“They found another girl down there in Florida.”

The couple sat in front of the television like they did most every night while eating their meal. The ritual had become their solace now that only one of their three children was still living at home.

Bob nodded. “Yea I heard. I don’t know what this world is coming to when a teenager can’t even walk home from school without being attacked?”

Bob shook his head and looked at Mary. “You know James Wooden from down the street.”

Mary nodded.

“Well he told me that he had a niece that was murdered last fall down in Alabama somewhere.”

“My lord,” Mary said nervously.

“It’s a shame I tell you. No one is safe these days. Thank God, Jayne is out with Richard tonight. At least we know she’s safe with him.”

“That’s the truth,” Bob agreed, changing the channel. “That boy is a good kid; oh it’s time for Grimm.”

Bright in the night sky was a lover’s moon. Its radiance shone through the thick woods where Walden parked his father’s old mustang with the radio broadcasting a news report. “The body of a teenaged girl was brutally ravaged…”

“Oh let’s turn that off, who wants to hear all that.” Jayne said reaching over to turn off the radio.

“Don’t like the news?” Walden said sarcastically.

“No I don’t.”  She said frowning at his tensing.

He stared into her beautiful eyes, and she melted moving into his strong embrace.

Jayne told her parents she was out with Richard, the star quarterback who had been her boy, until she met Walden.  Her family didn’t like Walden. He wasn’t they type of boy they thought she should see. Although his family once had land and money, they’re considered poor white trash. Nevertheless, just because he didn’t have money, didn’t mean he wasn’t someone that she could love and Jayne truly loved Walden.

“Who does your family thank you’re with tonight?” Walden asked, after kissing her.

“Richard.”  She said her breath heavily.

“Poor guy.”  He pulled her thick blond hair from its stylish bum.

“Don’t feel sorry for him.” She told him. “Richard has a lot of girls waiting for him in the wings.”

Jayne placed her hands on Walden body, rubbing them over his thick muscles and broad chest, liking the feel of his man’s body over Richard who was just a child. The boys were the same age, but Walden was more of a man.

“You remember what we learned in history class about black blood.” Walden asked.

Jayne thought it was strange for him to talk about school at this particular moment, but then she thought, perhaps this was some kind of foreplay.

“Yes I remember when Mrs. Sidler explained that white people thought that if you had one drop of black blood in you that made you black.”

She had giggled at the outrageous notion.

Walden kissed her sweet lips.

She responded with glee, he was such a good kisser.

“Thank God we aren’t Black,” She said.

“We. “

Walden said holding Jayne tight. “ I’m afraid your father never told you, baby.”

“ Told me, told me what?”

“You’re black.”

Jayne watch with horror as Walden eyes turned red and his handsome face protracted into a snout. Long white teeth protruded from his mouth when he said. “ You’re black my sweet.”

Walden stole Jayne’s cries and pleas with his fangs gleaming in the moonlight.

On the gales of the night wind, only Walden heard her cries when he tore out her beautiful blue eyes and feasted, lapping up Black blood with delight.

Copyright © 2013 Glynis Rankin

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