Guest Host Noemi Betancourt

Todays Guest Host is  Noemi Betancourt . She isNoemi Betancourt Author Photo a lifelong fan of Fantasy, ever since her father introduced her to the works of Tolkien, Baum, and C.S. Lewis as a child, Noemi  avidly read the genre.  However, after becoming enamored with Romance, she began to blend her guilty pleasure with an old love. Her first novel Heros and Hearts is the result of that special union, it was launched November 24, 2012_by BookRix GmbH & Co. KG
heroes and hearts
 Fantasy Romance

Isabel Kendra prides herself on being a strong independent woman.  She doesn’t fawn over men, doesn’t swoon and would rather take care of things herself than ask for help.  She has no use for heroes.  So when a dark stranger tells her of a kidnapped child who needs her help she approaches the situation in her usual practical manner.  Of course, with coming across her long lost father and gods and sorceresses who are constantly trying to kill her, Isabel soon realizes she’s out of her element.  Enter the dashing Prince Alaric for whom rescuing the damsel in distress is second nature, only this time the damsel doesn’t want to be rescued!

Together the two must thwart the evil forces that threaten their lives and their worlds while struggling against their own blistering attraction for each other. Can Isabel balance her aversion to the prince’s habit of coming to her rescue with the realization that sometimes it is all right to accept help from a man? Can Alaric handle himself around a woman capable of rescuing herself and learn to be simply the man who loves her?

                                                      My Review
 I love a good Romance that gets me rereading those steamy love scenes, and this story delivered. I’m also a nerd, so the fantasy realms,  sword fights, magic and mayhem, didn’t  disappoint either. This story, whose characters are believable with the added  exciting fight sequences , I found myself  on the edge of my seat, taken on a thrill ride to another world.  Hero & Hearts is an easy quick read that’s sure to please any Romance Fantasy lover. I certainly enjoyed this story.

Noemi lives in a seaside bungalow on Florida’s Sun Coast with her gallant husband  and the three fur-babies who rescued them. This is her first novel released November 24, 2012_by BookRix GmbH & Co. KG . Her second book in the series  Descendants of Quendaris: The Crystal Palace Chronicles Book Two , is set to release on May 3rd 

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  1. I’m glad everyone likes it – I knew it would do well the first time I read it. I also think the names are really unique. That’s the great thing about being a writer, you get to choose names, appearances and personalities of all your characters.

    Good luck with the rest of the tour Noemi!

    Glynis – I really enjoyed your Review, I hope you’ll be doing a lot more of them.

    1. Thanks Rebecca
      She’s a wonderful writer, with a great imagination, simply love this book!

      We’ll see if time permits, as you know, I’m writing as well.

  2. I think that’s a really cool name – it’s so unique. Being named Amanda is so boring – I also really like the names in the book, especially “Alaric” – great name choices Noemi.

    1. I think her name is cool too. Imagative name choices within a wonderful story is makes for a great read…..And Amanda is a wonderful name….In fact, I’ve used your name in a story I’m writng.

  3. Thanks for the awesome review, Glynis! I’m glad to know people are enjoying my work:) Book two is called Descendants of Quendaris and will be released on May 3. There’s a preview of it in the back of Heroes and Hearts. I’ve also just started working on Book 3 (which is previewed at the end of Descendants) but I may not finish that until the end of the year.

    My name is actually pronounced No amy or No emmy in French. It is a derision of Naomi and means Delightful and Pleasant cuz I am;)

  4. What a great book. The reviews aren’t lying, I enjoyed it from start to finish. The writer (Noemi.. how do your pronounce that? Like Naomi?) has a good grasp of the fantasy language and also seems to understand how to effectively write Romance. Thanks for sharing this new writer!

  5. I must have missed that detail about the second book – now I’ll definitely buy the first one. I love how cheap indie books are, it makes me wish all books were so cheap…

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