Black Coffee And Gin

The hazy blue rays of the morning sun

Seeps through this dirty window

with the neon glow

A new day greets me, pacing inside

this cheap room,

drowning my  past sins

in black coffee and gin.

Sounds of the Blues

bleeds through  thin walls

A sad companion

throughout a sleepless night

walking  the floor, watching the door,

and smoking Pall Mall cigarettes

Since my baby left me lonely

At 3am you can a’creeping,

smelling of cheap whiskey and loose women

I fought the feeling of sinning,

but you knew my weaknesses

unearth my pleasures.

I surrender to your cunning,

surrender to our loving

woke to find you left with me nothing

just  a stain bed and a pack of Pall Mall

I been mourning, all the morning

And will be mourning all the night,

cause I know that you’ll be coming

To ride this ride again tonight.

I’m feeling mighty lonesome,

Feeling mighty blue

From one o’clock to four

I’m drinking  black coffee and gin

while thinking of you.

Anticipation is my nemesis

but  also a dear friend

I  wait, expectant,

for the moment you

come a ‘knocking

on this door again

Until then, I’ll be pouring

Black coffee and gin.

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