Great Expectation

With a wide smile of innocence
a slow hand down my thigh. He
held me with attentive cravings,
which burns hot with expected desire.

Warm kisses down my neck
sparks passion’s electric pulse
releasing  a rush of honeyed streams
which heeds to expectation’s true need.

Undressing in quick increments
fingers exploring, rich velvety core
causes feelings of quixotic yearning

Expectance burning
This hankering body

Tasting, soft wet creases
Embryonic hope rises, soars
In slow sculpturing of womanly curves
My imagined revealed?
Expectations’ urging
thicken harden, steel

Granite moves within
banks of the river folds
bated breath,
Yet, no tickle
of orgasm evolving

Thunderous rain, cum
But no earth quaking?
Just granite falling

Asleep, sated
Awake, pissed
Just what did I expect?

“Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed.”
― Alexander Pope


  1. Superb, I genuinely got excited as I began to read on and frowned when I realised how selfish the partner had been. You write with such a raw passion but with sensual undertones that no flattery could possibly justify what I wish I could put in to words. I have read erotic poems before but yours have a real earthy, groin grabbing quality, the sort of brutal honesty that carol Ann Duffy exudes, and yet with your own unique style that leaves the reader hungry. Unlike the lover left unsatisfied at the end of your poem, I am not disattisfied, but I AM hungry for me. Magnificent poem, I’ll wager it would work tremendously well as a spoken word poem with soft whisperings and such. I assure you, every man reading this has made a note to himself about being more attentive as a lover, just in case their partner is a poet! *grins* best wishes, Baldy 🙂

  2. One of two things: a poem about a failure to have an orgasm is either really quite courageous and novel or I don’t read enough feminine poetry. I’mm not sure which, but I am certain that I likes this poem!

    1. LOL!!!

      What a wonderful comment… I wish I could post it
      Thank you for coming over to read my work and liking it, you have made my day!! Thank you.

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