That Simple Thing

It’s the simple things of life

that affects me the most

with the loss of you

Like taking out the trash

Washing the car, filling it up

Thinking about tire pressure and oil changes

Mowing the yard and raking leaves

Unclogging the sink,  checking the washers

Making sure the doors are locked

before going to bed

learning to prepare

a single meal

But the simplest

Is that kiss, each night,

you placed on my sweet spot

That would lull me to sleep.

That simple gesture,

so uncomplicated,

is the one thing

that I miss the most

and the very thing

I can’t seem to live without.


  1. achingly wonderful. a sentiment shared by many who have loved and lost or loved and been cursed with the ultimate loss. this is one of those honest poems that allows the reader to take a sip of the poet’s soul, thank you for sharing, it is delicious. *hugs*, Baldy 🙂

    1. You have a way of showing love, with your words Master Poet, that has this Sis beaming!
      Thank you!
      Much love:)

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