For An Instant

I stood in line abiding my time

Deciding on a latte or regular

when I heard the chime

I turned on a dime, watching him


Tall , dark and sleek

An ancient Greek, he smiled

And I wanted his lovechild


And just for the briefest of beats

I imagined myself his lover,

his submissive, his Muse

and his friend blended

in passion


For a second I held my breath

and let the tingle run through my loins

like Desdemona, no longer single

till death do us part

I felt out of breath



For an instant

I saw a wild, intense

insane affair commence

filling my days  with exotic  bliss

my nights with appointed trysts

and I was beguiled



A split second

This was something unique,

special and raw

sexual,  electric

epic, non apologetic


one sixtieth of a minute

he’s the pipeline

to my lifeline

the guideline to

my  once-in-a-lifetime


Whose next?

Broken into

my musing


I smiled  back

shaking my head

with complete certainty

it wasn’t meant to be

at least not this lifetime

maybe the next


stepping forward

I ordered my latte  to go

Copyright © 2013-14 Glynis Rankin


  1. Ooh! What a fantastic poem! I love the inner monologue of dark and delicious desire, its sexy and wonderfully wrieen. If I wasn’t so in love with my wife, I’d be jealous of this beautiful Greek, hohowhat! I would like to see more inner fantasies in poetry as the few I have encountered have been excellent (this one included!). I am inspired to have a stab at one myself, thank you for sharing this, sincere best wishes from Baldy 🙂

    1. Oh! You have made my day!
      I love your comment, Baldy!
      Thank you so much all the beautiful adjectives!
      Please do . I would love to see what you come up with 🙂

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