Debt (Death in the Afternoon)


It happened in slow motion. I stared up at Toothless, watching while he unsnapped one worn strap, letting it fall off his thin white shoulders, just as his brothers start to bend so they could hold me down. I couldn’t fight these men, I knew that, but I wasn’t just going to let them touch me either. I had fought a few boys at school, many of them had playfully touched me wrong, so I knew what I could do to hurt these men.

However, they were not boys that I could easily fool. I couldn’t fight these men the way I fought those boys. Instead I ran, straight through Tootless legs. “Shit!” he yapped, reaching down to grab one of my legs, missing it by inches.

He turned to try again, but I was too fast for his outstretched hand. “Goddamn!”

I had scurried away, happy to see the woods waiting for my escape.   I was too fast for Toothless but not for his silent brother who leap frog over him. With an extended hand he grabbed my ankle, just before I got too far away. “Got ya, you little bitch!” he said victoriously.

I turned quickly to kick him in the face with my shoe. He yelped in pain letting me go to grab his face.  I saw blood running through his finger, just as I turned my back on him, hoping I had broken his nose.   I did a quick crawl toward the thick dark woods, praying I could hide in its darkness, when I heard the first gunshot.

The sound of it resonated in my ears, painfully. I stopped cold in my tracks, wondering if one of them had just shot me.  I didn’t think I felt any pain, but my heart was racing so fast that I wasn’t sure. I had turned to look back at the men, when the second huge blast rang out in the silence of the woods.

This time I knew, whoever was shooting wasn’t shooting at me. I saw Toothless, when I turned my head. He was running toward me with a handgun in his hand. He was raising it to shoot me when the shot rang out. I screamed, when I saw it tear off his face.

Frighten, I looked around and saw that Big brother, the one who carried me through the woods, was already down. He held a large rifle in his hand that was of no use to him now, because of the large hole in his chest. I didn’t see the silent brother, but when another shot sliced through the thick humid air, I knew he was dead too.

Copyright © 2013 Glynis Rankin

Part Six


  1. Love it! I am curious how she managed to slip through Toothless’s legs; the suggestion is that the group of brothers had her pretty well wrangled…not to lead any future installments but it would be helpful to tie it together 🙂

    1. Hey AR Neal!
      Thought I had connected this, but thanks for the heads up!
      I’ll make things clearer in the next installment, I promise. 😉
      Thank you for actually reading this instead of just hitting the like button.

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