A wind gust heavy-laden with the sweet smell of honeysuckle

Stirred the gray-black feathers of a robin perched

 On the iron railings of my balcony, chirping happily to its mate.

Another warm breeze didn’t stir him or me while I sat

In my lawn chair enjoying the lazy afternoon.  I sipped on a cold

 Glass of chardonnay and stared mindlessly at the cloudless blue skies

And the tips of tall green trees, communing with nature spiritually,

all while  listening to soft jazz.

 Yet another gust, this one roused me from my musing.

 It was the breeze of a sweet kiss at the nip of my neck that

 Stirred deep emotions, making me smile.

 I knew then it was Halftime.

Copyright © 2013 Glynis Rankin


  1. You had me at blue skies and chardonnay – a lovely little piece. Thank you for visiting and following my blog. I hope I can share a few musings of my own, while having a chuckle or two. Looking forward to reading more of your writing!

    1. Why thank you for such a lovely comment!
      I look forward to reading more of your work as well.
      Thanks for the follow too!

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