Want to be a Part of Something?


Ever wanted to be an associate  producer? How about an executive Producer? Want to learn how to make a movie?  Want to make history? Find out how, this is so exciting.



Let’s be a part of something BIG!

Copyright © 2013 Glynis Rankin


  1. Well… if u sponsor others u got more with a company of more tha one film.

    I currently frequent a free public-library studio with all the tricks of Hollywood so correspond back if u r interested.

    -Peace have a bless day. may the world-peace change within seconds!

    1. I’m not actually a sponsor, just love the author and her work. I’m just spreading the word. What you are doing sounds interesting though. I would like to know more.

    1. Hey AR, you can always support them in other ways. I sent a few dollars, just to say I did something and added this post. You sharing this is a big thing, it allows others to participate. So thanks Girl!

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