Her Eye

  Her Eye

The painter dashed from his bed and grabbed his brushes.  Obsessed, he painted  madly as the orange sun crested the morning sky. Paint spilled while brushes flew against the blank canvas with grace and speed as the master painter created  an image from  his memory. He had to work fast or his vision would fade.

Desperately he worked trying to recapture the image of  the woman of his dreams.  She came to him every night, whispering her undying love and each morning before he woke, she made him promise to find her. He had promised, yet every morning as the sun rose  and his eyes sprang open, he would forget her face.  For years he has tried to recreate his dream lover’s face with the tools of his trade.

Finished, he stepped back to look at what he had done. He stared at his creation of beauty, a masterpiece like so many others that have brought him fame and fortune. Yet for him it was nothing, just another piece of worthless junk. For his many years of hard work and determination, he had failed to find his true love.  Frustrated, he threw his brushes at the wet canvas and turned away to weep in a large room full of portraits depicting the only thing he could remember of his dream love, her beautiful eye.



  1. Wonderful story. I’m intrigued by him memory of her eye. The singular…..great. Thank you for the likes on my blog. I am following you. I don’t want to miss out any longer and play catch up. Be blessed.

    1. Ms. Vee, you have made my day!

      I’m following you too, trying to keep up as well. Thank you for the wonderful comment. Much Love.

  2. This was a wonderful story — in fact, it’s the best one I’ve read so far! How sad for the lonely artist who wastes his life pining away for a non-existent woman, as he repeatedly, obsessively paints the only thing he can remember about her — her eye. So sad, because he seldom leaves his artist’s loft, and never notices “as the orange sun crested the morning sky,” which would make a lovely painting. The imagery in your story was truly inspiring.

    God bless you,

    1. Oh Wow! How so very lovely was your comment!
      You have simply made my day.

      Your words have truly inspired me. I never knew or just forgot, how much the words from others either positive or negative on my work can inspire me to continue to write.

      Your positive words on this small piece has done that for me, so I thank you.

  3. I actually have a friend who did such a painting and then met the girl a few years later. I’ve seen the painting. Pretty amazing likeness for someone he had only dreamed. I’m glad you put sunshine in here. That was perhaps my strongest impression.

    1. Wow! Everything is connected.

      I thought this could happened, it never happened to me but someone I was sure. Now you come alone and verify my beliefs. This is so amazing.

      I’m glad he found her, and I’m glad the sunshine added to this Flash for you. Thank you

  4. Brilliant piece 🙂 I love the idea that this guy is spending all his time trying to capture this fantasy woman from his dream and missing out on real love because he’s chasing someone who’s not real. Beautifully written 😀

    1. Why thank you so much! 🙂

      I’m so glad that my short piece captured such an amazing back story in such few words.

      You have given me too much credit, I never even thought that, but yes. I see where it can led.

      Wow! Thank You! 🙂

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