Lady Liberty

 Me and my human ecological team were  in the Badlands. We were searching for any signs of a major historical development or landmark that could  stimulate our research into the ecological relations between humans and their urban environments. We were mostly interested in finding any active agency of human-nature interactions which could have caused the sudden changes in the Earth’s  topography.

We were flying over the Western Hemisphere of the Northern basin heading northwest, when we came upon the distinct outline of something seemingly man-made. We weren’t sure at first what it was, but all of our research suggested that  we were somewhere near  what was once the planet’s north pole.   Yet in all of our research we have not found any records of  there being any buildings at either pole.

We settled the hovercraft down on an embankment just four meters from the strange design in the snow.  The snow was thick and the wind high, but our suits provided environmental controls so we were able to make the steep trek across the frozen tundra with ease.

The hover had taken pictures of the strange design in the snow and before we left we studied the pictures thinking perhaps it was just a low-lying cliff. However the closer we got the more convinced we became that this was a major find.

Hours later we radioed back to the ship that we would need drilling equipment and a shuttle for transport. We had found what researches had been looking for, for centuries.

Lady Liberty smiled at me when we finally removed the snow from her aged face.


    1. Thanks Catherine. I only see it in my minds eye. LOL!!

      I hope you have a lovely and blessed holiday as well.

  1. Loved the final sentence. Oh, what the future may hold for us. It’s kinda scary, isn’t it? Thanks for contributing this week, Glynis! 🙂

    – Ermisenda

    1. You got me with that Santa’s Workshop, funny.
      Yeah, its quite a shift, yet, that is what the predictions say will happen.
      A scary thought.
      Thanks for the laugh

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