Picture it and Write it/ Hopeful

Old Woman Young Woman Optical Illusion

The reflection she sees  is youthful in appearance

Shapened with the sharpen scalpel in her mind’s eye.

Yet she is hopeful that the wrinkles around her eyes and mouth

are hidden with the thick makeup she applies.

She’s hopeful he doesn’t notice her aged hands or her sagging breasts.

Hopefully he doesn’t see the grey the dye missed.

She hopes that her money will last, and he doesn’t have wayward eyes

for fairer skin, slimmer waist and hair that’s not thin.

She’s hopeful  that if he only knew, he won’t  turn her away,

because she needs a man’s touch this day.


  1. Wonderful poem with a message that borders every day living for some. With tact you eloquently displayed the inner thoughts of this woman and her desperation to hide her aging. What truly lasts is the beauty on the inside. Thanks for this message.

    1. Thank you Uzoma
      Very astute comment. If we all could just look within instead of without, perhaps we be happier people.

  2. Interesting poem. It’s peculiar to me that you have noted ‘fairer skin’. It’s funny how not too long ago, back in the racist days (although racism still exists today although usually more covertly in Australia [and America I presume]) fairer skin was the ideal, now everyone whose pale wants the perfect honey, caramel tan. Oh, society! You silly thing you.

    I like that in your poem you communicated her desperation to hide what she thought were flaws, to show her more positive features. Maybe she will have to deal with her own touch today, rather than a man’s! That doesn’t sound too terrible to me. 😛 Thanks for contributing this week, Glynis.

    – Ermisenda

    1. Your prompts are so much fun! Perhaps she might, it works in a pinch..8)
      Thank you for presenting such wonderful pictures that spark my imagination. Same time next week.

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