100WCGU : Mistep

I’m winning, Rachel thought, but Paula White was walking up fast. “You fat cow,” she spat. Rachel frowned. Paula had won the egg walk the past three years.

They were in the same ballet classes, and she had to suffer through Paula’s taunting, but not today.

Suddenly, Paula made a move to trip her, but Rachel did a perfect Pirouette to avoid. Stun, Paula’s egg wobbled, she lost her balance and fell to the ground, the egg spattering all over her dress.

Rachel heard everyone laughing at Paula’s misstep. When she crossed the finished line, what she heard were cheers.


  1. Interesting snippet. Paula got what she deserved 😦

    I’ve not heard of the egg walk before. But it sure sounds fun from the look of it.

    1. It’s a lot of fun, trying to keep an egg on a spoon while you walk fast to a finish line. I enjoyed it as a child.
      Yes she did, Paula is very mean. 🙂
      Thanks Uzoma

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