100WCGU/ The Streak

“It’s a three!” The commentator yelled. The crowd roared with excitement. “Down by five, three minutes to…” I couldn’t hear through the frenzy of the crowd. It was now or never, playoffs or bust. My heart felt like it would burst watching the drama unfolded.  The place crackled with anticipation as the opposing team held the ball. “Man up, man up!” I stood to my feet, because everyone including the man seating in front of me had. “Foul! Foul!” Suddenly in a flash of green he streaked across the court, giddy. Stun, everyone watched dumbfounded as he released his green shorts.

I had laughed my way through the whole year of 1974. This made me remember my youth, thanks for the prompt.

@2013 GlynisRankin

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