Snip-it Sunday/ Granger

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Welcome to Snip-it Sunday.

We all have tons of snippets scribbled on a pieces of paper, flashcards or on the back of notebooks full of more snippets. So what are you doing with them, just letting them pile up? Why don’t you share those small scenes and join Snip-it Sunday.

This weeks prompt is a 150 word snip of your current WIP. Please add your link in the comments. I would  love to read what you have to offer.

My snippet is another snip from my WIP Grangers. This story is going well and I hope to have it out this fall, with a lot of hard work that is, wish me luck. Please let me know what you think about this story so far.


Clark stopped to stare at me. He staggered back but kept his balance. He was weighing me with his eyes, I could tell. “Young man,” he began, his words slurred. “I didn’t mean any disrespect. But you are just out of college, and neither of you have a job.”

“I got a job!”

He sighed. “Look, I know how things can be just starting out. Sasha is my only child…”

“She’s going to be my wife! I got this!”

Clark stepped to me like he was going to jump. So what’s it goin’ be, I thought not backing down?  We stared at each another, waiting to see who was going to throw first.

He glared at me with those dark eyes, then shrugged. I guess he thought better about having something  jump off at his home. “I’m just offering you an option.”

“Yea right,” I said, as he walked away

Copyright © 2013 Glynis Rankin


  1. I didn’t count the words in this snippet when I copied it over from Scrivener, but one of my various WIPs is a sweeping space epic:

    James Macnamara was grinning; the monitors back on the orbiting ship picked it up as a grimace. “Are you all right?” Sandra Williams had console duty and Macnamara’s expression disturbed her.
    “I’m great,” Macnamara said through gritted teeth; the temperature was rising rapidly but he was enjoying himself. It had been his dream to go on the Mercury mission and when he got the assignment as ground crew, he had screamed with joy. Years of orbital study had suggested that the planet had once been colonized and Macnamara’s team had been sent down to gather evidence before the planet’s demise. Due to its proximity to the sun, Mercury’s temperatures typically exceeded 900 K near the Handel crater in the Kuiper region. However, planetary studies from the last two centuries revealed that the sun was expanding. Soon, Mercury would be gone. This was man’s last chance to explore the Swift Planet. “Oof!” Macnamara’s foot struck an unexpected hardness and he stumbled.

    1. Oh you clever girl! Leaving me with suspense.

      I love this, you know I’m a speculative kind of girl!

      Thank you so much for the add.

        1. I’m working on the space epic, a science fiction piece with my husband, a collection of stories (trying to get out ahead of the November NaNo), and getting word out about “Adventures In Cargo City,” plus job searching and blog writing 😉

        2. That sounds like a lot, good luck! 🙂
          I’m working of a spiritual story I plan to submit to a traditional publisher this month. Working on Granger for this fall and a Scifi for a on line mag.
          Write, write write, it’s good for us all. 😉

      1. I think I shall….My last to posts on my blog…..about my failed suicide attempts and Bi-polar, was hard for me to Share…..Many JUST don’t understand……My next book will have some of my Dark Journal Pages woven in so others can have a Better Insight of the Dar, Hopelessness one gets to before Suicide. IT’S TIME to change HOW PEOPLE see us who have Mental and Emotional illness’s 🙂 Thanks! Catherine 🙂

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