Snip-it Challenge

snip it

Welcome to Snip-it Sunday Challenge.

Anyone who wants to join me is welcome to add their snip of fiction. You should write a 100 word creative response to the weekly prompt. The prompt might be a picture or just a word. Please post your response link in the comment. It can be whatever you like, it should stand alone. It is after all a snippet. I would suggest that if you write something that the normal person would find offensive to please post a disclaimer.

Thank you to everyone that joined me last week or just added a comment. I read some great Snip-it from some amazing writers. If you haven’t read the Snips from last week here is the link.

Now on to this week Snip-it Sunday Challenge. This was been a trying week for me. So many things have conspired to stop me from writing. So the challenge this week is to Snip a 100 word creative response using the word obstacle. You have until next week this time to add your response.  Good luck!

My response is a snip from my book Ralph I call it

Tree Peace

Theresa walked around the ancient tree looking up at its large branches and the thickness of its crown; careful to step over the obstacles of large exposed supporting roots. Rich leaves were full on every branch and they moved slowly with the slightest of breeze. She saw a squirrel playing on one large limb and heard a few birds chirping somewhere else. Nearly thirty, she had loved and loss, no one would call her naïve, but Theresa felt like an adolescent standing before an elder seeking wisdom. She felt peace, like she never felt before, standing under this age-old tree.

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