Silence, Shame, And Sexual Harassment

An open and honest look at what women have to face and put up with in this world of normalizing sexual harassment.

Thought Catalog

The other week on the R train returning from Brooklyn, I was told by a man sitting across from me that I was going to be raped. I had ignored him for the second time when he said “Ni hao? Ni hao?” So he said, “You’d let me put my dick in your pussy, you’d beg for it, you slut. Your fat ass is going to be fucked. I’ll rape your chink cunt.” He yelled, “Are you going to cry?” and he and his two friends laughed.

Stuck on the bridge across the river, I sat in the car and listened to them divide my body into parts and lay claim to each one. There were only two other men in the subway car, and no other women. I’m not sure if that would have made something about that narrow metal space feel any different to me, or would have…

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