I’m Pink

I’m Pink closer to red than magenta

Detached myself from the placenta

Slapping old doctor for his sect

Disrespect of my midwife ancestors

I’m Pink not mauve or peach

A teacher who never preaches

With my freedom of speech

I beseech an open forum

I’m the Pink of my

Femininity that rules

When my man drools

Or act a fool

Shaking off any leech

That tries to suck me dry

Or cause my weakness

So what did you think,

That Pink was meek?

All sweet and upbeat

That would shriek

At the sight of a bug?

Didn’t you know?

I’ll morph Pink Ranger

And do Kung Ku on its ass

I’m pretty in Pink like

Power-puff Girl Blossom

I drive a Pink Caddy

And drink Pink gin

I even pack a Pink Pistol

So I’ll be grinning

While I’m stealing

My religion is spiritual

My heart chakra Pink

Halfway through my penance

I’m the pink candle in an Advent wreath

The Pink of the deities

Symbolizing pure love from above

I’m Pink

Who birth the sun

In the morning skies

The first light

That smites the night

Inviting brothers colors

With their rich hues

to join me

Against dark blues

I’m that Pink

Strong when I have to

Soft when I’m not

Squashes, mess

Never stressed

Just truly blessed

Let the world come at me

I have thorns to defend

If it tries to tear me down

I don’t frown

My roots are deep

I’ll come back

Heaped in strength

I’m a loving Pink

In the middle of our sensual heat

Becoming wet between my many folds

Surrendering nectar to my pollinator

As my pinkness enfolds

The whispering dome

That calls my lover home

I’m Pink

Don’t blink

I didn’t lip sync


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