Flashback Thursday/ Blue Plate Special

Welcome to another Flashback Thursday. This week is a story I did for Trifecta Challenge a few months ago, but never placed it her on this blog. So today I wanted my WordPress friends to have a read.

Blue Plate Special

“Two blue,” Marge yelled, as she put the ticket on the rake. My wife of eleven years leaned over the small counter and whispered, “They’re really loving this baby.”

I smiled throwing two more thick pieces of meat on the grill.  We were packed to capacity and tonight marked the sixth straight month that has. I knew this Blue Plate special would be a hit, well I thought that it would. I had tried this before with poor results. After all what diner didn’t have a signature dish.

Before embarking on this adventure with my wife and I had discussed the matter at length. I had gone to cooking school and she earned her degree in accounting. We had even read books on how to run a successful diner. Yet each dish I prepared was met with frowns and complaints by our patrons. It had taken us months, but we had gone through our savings. Things were looking bleak and we had seriously pondered whether to close the diner and find work elsewhere.

Then one night, right before closing, a friend came by the diner excited. He had come across a rare book during one of his weekend garage sales trek. He handed me the worn leather bound book and told me to read the cover. “How to excel in Diner cooking.” I looked down and saw that the book was authored by none other than Bill Blue himself, the original master of the diner specials. The name Blue plate specials was named for him.

I took the book home and read the thick volume in one night. The next day I prepared one of Blue’s dishes, but was met with more complaints from our few patrons. I had no idea what I had done wrong, until I went back and read what Bill Blue had said in the forward and grasped his meaning. “Taste like chicken.”

While the meat sizzled I was making plans to find another person to slaughter, because like Bill Blue, I had his signature dish, human al la carte.

Thank you for reading and please add your comments, it helps me to grow.

Copyright © 2013 Glynis Rankin


  1. Hello Glynis

    Running a good diner needs tact, skill, and devotion to preparing sumptuous dishes. I have once been to a diner where I was served a bland dish.

    You present a nice story I can relate with and then there is this truth I hope to find…

    Human a la carte … I see its meaning as people differ according to their tastes/demands. Am I right?

    1. No my friend. I’m sorry but this means, in the culinary arts, something that’s signifies a menu item that is priced individually, rather than as part of a meal.

      So at this dinner human meat is prepared the way you like. Thus the taste like chicken connotation.

      It a bit sick I know, but it was for a writing challenge. 8/

      Thanks for read Uzoma

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