Picture it &Write/Sobriety

Harvey watched as Sharon jumped from the bed and frantically grabbed her discarded clothes off the floor. ” Oh God! What time is it?” she said teary eyed.
He smiled at her frenzied dash to put them on, ” nine thirty,” he told her with a chuckled.

“This was a mistake.”  She kept saying like a mantra as if it would ease last night’s sin.

This was a mistake, Sharon plead to the heavens. I never meant to do this or spend the night. ” What happened?”
He rolled his eyes to the ceiling. It’s always like this, he thought. He hated these dramatic mornings. Harvey lit a cigarette and waited for what was coming next.

“You seduced me, tricked me somehow,” Sharon yelled. “That’s the only reason why I’m here.”
Tricked her, he scuffed. “Please Sharon I had to fight you off, you couldn’t get enough.”

She was getting married in less than six hours, planned to spend a lifetime happily married to Paul. This…this was a mistake that she would take to her grave.
He huffed at her pathetic murmurings, still lying exposed in the muddled bed, staring at the rings of smoke that floated around his head.

Fully dressed, Sharon grabbed her purse and made a mad dash toward the door. “This was a mistake,” she said again, looking like a fiasco.
He shook his head at her, blowing smoke out the side of his mouth. “Sharon, ain’t no mistakes in this world, just what you do and don’t do. And you, you do it well.”

She frowned at him, but said nothing as she slammed the door.  Sharon rushed down the hall hearing the echo of his laughter.

Harvey knew she would return, she always do. When you are an addict like Sharon, the juice is always good the first time around, but even better the second.


Sharon stood in the dressing room admiring her reflection in the mirror, as Margo, her best friend, handed her the flowers. They locked eyes in the images and smiled.

Margo took a step back. ” You look lovely Sharon,” she said.

“Thank you girl.” She turned to hugged her friend. ” I’m so nervous.”

” No need to be Paul loves you.”

She inhaled Margo’s intoxicating scent and frowned.

” Thank you girl, are you wearing a new cologne?” she asked pulling back.

“No, just the same old stuff,” Margo said, frowning, ” why does is smell?”

“No, just wondered.” Sharon shrugged. ” You smell divine.”

Margo stared bewildered, then she walked over to grab her flowers. ” Well we better hurry, you don’t want to be late for your wedding.”

Margo didn’t see Sharon’s eyes turn a golden brown or the long fangs protruding from her mouth. Sharon inhaled her friend’s scent deeply, slowly, while trying to fight her inner craving.  “Yeah, right, okay.”

Margo passed her and Sharon licked her lips. God she just wanted a hit, she thought, but it’ll have to wait.

Damn she shouldn’t have met Harvey last night, but feeding on that sweet lad was a delicious treat. Oh well she wasn’t that good at sobriety anyway.

Sharon stepped out the door on to the back of the old southern style home, thinking, a nip or two among my guest during the receptions would tide her over until the honeymoon.

Copyright © 2013 Glynis Rankin


  1. Good one! Quick question you say in the first part that Sharon is getting married to Walter in six hours but in the second Margo says that Paul loves her. Was that intentional?

    1. No it wasn’t, and I thought I had changed it.
      Thank you so much Joe!
      It means a great deal to me that you took the time and actually read this instead of just pressing like.
      I’m grateful to you as well for adding your a comment.

  2. ooooo I Love IT!! Congrats on your book coming out soon! I know I can’t wait. Hope all is well with you 🙂 We got all moved and are still settling in, and hubby started at his New Store today. Were just taking it One Day At A Time 🙂
    Blessings, Catherine

    1. That is wonderful news Catherine! I’m so glad things are working out for you girl! I knew that they would, he always takes care of his people.:)

      Things are going great, thank so much for asking!
      The new book will be out next week.:)

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