The Witch Rant!

Yes, I’ve been the witch in the room for a few days now. Why? Because! After searching for two days for my USB with most of my WIP and an ready to submit manuscript; I have as yet to find the thing, even after going through the trash like an abandon dog looking for a bone. Just wishing someone would add to the pile.

I know what you’re thinking, I can hear your silent whispers about me, wondering why I use those things when there are so many other ways to keep up with one’s work.  My reason, I didn’t want to have to go on the net to do my writing, I get distracted, like now writing this rant. Off line sure, why not. But I still hate using those sites.

Yes I used the word hate. I’m sick of these site selling my name, and don’t think that they aren’t selling yours too. Check your email or snail mail and tell me if  you don’t get more junk  after you hand over your email address or name.  Anyway back to my original rant.

I used USB  because I was use to using them as well as my external hard drive. I’ve been using them for years and they did the job I wanted them to do. Now I got someone wanting to help me clean MY desk who has no idea where anything goes or what happened to my USB. Are you kidding me?!!

I’m screwed. I had a book on that USB that I was going to submit to a traditional publishing company  in a few days and it was  complete, I mean complete, editing, rewrite and then another editing job. I paid for all of this even in this economy.  My story was ready for submission.  I even had my cover letter edited just in case. This is crazy!!

I told myself to take a few deep breaths while I’m writing this, still not calm.

What happened! Am I doomed to not be a published writer? Is my faith  just to remain a blogger who happens to write in challenges or short stories for pennies?  Don’t get me wrong, I love to write and blogging and freelancing is writing, but you know what I mean.

I feel lost, just so lost. My world has been turned upside down, deflated. I felt sick at first, physically sick, now I just feel numb.

My life it seems, will consist of trying to remember what I wrote in those 400 plus pages, as well as my working WIP’s. A life remembering moments that sparked a line that lead to a sentence which brought about a paragraph. How does one go about reliving years in moments that brought about a book?

So very GLAD I needed someone to come into MY space and mess MY life up.  They say  things happen for a reason, we will know as time goes by, but I can’t see pass the gray skies over my head.


Okay, rant over, at least for now, time to get back to writing and downloading my files to my already full hard drive or an online site. Woohoo!

This Witch Rant is over guys, please return to your regularly scheduled programs.


Copyright © 2013 Glynis Rankin


  1. I understand exactly how you feel. you go ahead and rant until you can’t anymore. Soon you’ll figure out how to move on when you are ready.
    I am really sorry this happened to you. My home was invaded last year and my laptop was taken. I didn’t write for almost two months, not because I could replace it, though that did take time, but it’s like you said, “Am I doomed to not be a published writer?”; that’s the feeling I had.
    I seriously hope things get better.
    You are a good write and the world will see it one day.

    1. Thank you Toi
      I’m still working things out. I’m going through that ‘not writing thing’ now, but I force myself to put something down in words everyday.
      My frustration, depression, pain, etc…in poems mostly.
      I tried to work on my book again, get those words back but they just aren’t coming. In time like you said, perhaps it well all
      come back to me. If not I have to believe it wasn’t meant to be and move on.
      Life is change, I must change with it or drown in its waves.

  2. I am so sorry! I have pretty much stopped using usb’s/thumb drives and use services like Sugarsync that have desktop folders. Sugarsync’s is called My Briefcase; I open a document, write what I want, and save it to a folder I have created in My Briefcase. Documents made in Word or Open Office tend to be small in the big scheme of things so are backed up almost instantly. Haven’t lost anything since. And since I gave permission for Sugarsync to stay connected and since my wifi is always on, I’m good. And even if you don’t keep online constantly, Sugarsync will update to the cloud the next time you are online. Just sayin’.

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