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I like to read (serious writers often do)  thrilled by the way words bring forth artful significant, moving, entertainment. I want to develop my skills so that I can best craft the kind of stories others want to read. So I’ve started to write more towards my goals while  aiming for publication that will reach a wider audience.

I’ve contribute a few of my flash fiction piece and other writings to a number of emagazines, local newspapers and magazines and to my surprise I’ve gotten a lot of great feed back.

That is why I’m excited to have one of my stories featured on Kori Miller’s blog. I feel the more I submit pieces for publication the more my words get read and the more likely my books well too.  Either way, my words are going out to a wider audience than just my blog which is always the goal.

I want to thank Kori Miller for featuring my story Her Eyes on the writer’s blog. I hope you guys will go over and that a look and read  the wonderful stories on her blog, and if you have some stories you would like to share then why not submit them.

Copyright © 2013 Glynis Rankin


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