FlashBack Thursday/Musing The Between

This is one of my first post to this site. It’s a bit cheezy. I thought I was being all witty but now after two years, its just funny. I hope you will enjoy it.


What is the Between.

The Between is where most author finds themselves. They are either  musing about ideas for stories, trying  to  developed one or simply written a story they want someone to read and comment on.  The ultimate goal for any author  is to get published. Would I like to get paid for being a writer, sure wouldn’t any writer. But I first and foremost would like someone to read my work and tell me what they truly thought. Did it touched them in some way, entertain, enlighten? That is my goal.

In this blog I will be musing about my life as an unpublished author. The work I put in to my writing, the sweat, the time and the pain of rejections as well as the many trials I will have to face alone the way to getting my books published.    I’ll have a lot to say on this subjects.  This blog will also be dealing with getting others to read my work so I will be adding snippets of my work to provoke interests.

I’m not shy, I’m putting my work out there for other to criticize and mock. So if you have something to say, than just say it. I’m not scared, I encourage it. Tell me what you didn’t like, what you thought was wrong with the work. If you read it, you have an opinion and I want to hear it.    Leave comments and suggestions of any kind and I will reply.


Thanks for visiting. Tell me, what did you think?

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