I Stood

This picture came to me from a 100 word Flash Fiction challenge that I presented too late to contribute. However, when I saw this picture I was taken back to a time of segregation when brown skin was considered nonhuman, second class. It took brave women and men of all colors to come together to change that Ideology.  This is my small tribute to their sacrifice.  I hope you will enjoy …

                                               I Stood

Someone kicked me as we headed for the bus to yelling and spitting. I thought we were safe once inside, but their hatred grew.

“The bus is on fire!” someone yelled.

Everyone rushed to the door, but Hate held it shut. Thick smoke filled the bus, our lungs, yet our pleas went unanswered.

Then the doors opened. We escaped; breathe in fresh air, only to be beaten.  I fell to the ground from a blow; blood seeped into my eyes.  Then a shot rang out, dispersing the crowd.

I laid in pain knowing tomorrow I would get back on the bus.

Thank you

Copyright © 2013 Glynis Rankin


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