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Book Description

Jane is a privileged fourteen-year-old suburban teen who becomes the unfortunate victim of a pre-meditated scheme by the people she trusts, thrusting her into an underground world of prostitution, sexual torment, violence, and drugs. But aside from the constant death threats made against Jane’s family to keeping her mouth shut by her pimps will be nothing compared to an emotional attachment building toward one of the pimps who used to be her boyfriend.

**Warning: This novel contains explicit scenes. 18+ Readers Only**

 Author/Devlin De La Chapa

At this point, Devlin De La Chapa would rather consider herself a pseudonym rather than an actual author since she is still trying to acquire an agent to represent her books that are currently interweaving with the fiber optics in her Gator flash drive rather than with the grand traditional published authors of Commercial, Women’s, Men’s, YA, New Adult, and the occasional Sci-Fi genres in which Devlin writes in.

Aside from being (professionally) born at the turn of the “digital age”, Devlin currently resides somewhere in AZ with her family and a yard full of tiny dogs.

My Review

De La Chapa has plotted a compelling timely issue, Human Trafficking, into a brilliant blend of plot-driven storyline that’s character-rich. It’s a story that is all too believable in this age where ANY child can fall victim to the dark world of child prostitution.
Her use of current events, in your face sexual torture, and physical abuse only adds to the realism of this novel.  My gut reaction was to put it down, stop reading, I didn’t want to experience this, but De La Chapa presented a story so captivating  that I found I couldn’t put it down.

I give HUSH four out of Five Finger-snaps

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The Between

De La Chapa is a published poet as well as the Founder and Editor of the emagazine BoySlut Publications. She is a two-time Pushcart Prize nominee, and a two-time recipient of an Editor’s Choice. The author of two other novels  Last Bite and Romeo ( A SilverBlood Novel) also available on Amazon, Devlin is a Catholic, Christian, and Atheist that thinks she’s a Republican.

Copyright © 2013 Glynis Rankin

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