Taye’s Plan

Welcome friends, family and visitors this was from a 100 word challenge. I tried to make every word count. Sorry, couldn’t post picture for some reason, but I hope you will enjoy my 99 word story called            

                                                Taye’s Plan.


When they diagnosed Taye, we knew death was inevitable.  Yet he embraced it like everything else, he planned for my future.   In life Taye had taken great care of me, and now in death he’d done the same, preparing for every eventuality even down to the flowers that covered his grave.



We’d talked and I had agreed to live a full life, with fingers crossed.  However, Taye knew me better than I knew myself. In the following weeks I meet three of his friends.  Witty and smart Rick; tender hearted Oliver, and the best lover I’ve never known, Steven

Thank you!

Copyright © 2013 Glynis Rankin


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