Picture it& Write/ Community Pool

This is another Picture it & Write Challenge.  When I was a kid, I loved our community pool. It was the place of wonder and magic for me. I went everyday all summer long and eventually became a lifeguard. So when I saw this picture for the prompt I was returned to those years of wonder under the water. I hope you will enjoy my story it’s called what else…..

                                       Community Pool

Tom liked to go deep. While everyone else played Marco Polo in the community pool he explored its shallow depths.  Tom liked to sit on the bottom, gazing up at the dazzling colors that shimmered on the surface and the outstretched legs of his friends. They reminded him of octopus at play.

He held his breath for as long as he could, letting his imagination run free, then rush to the top to fill his lungs, only to return to the dark depth that he loved.

This particular day Tom dove in expecting to reach his spot at the bottom, but this time it wasn’t there.    He looked back at the tentacles of his friends to gauge his distance; it was the same as before. So where was the bottom of the pool?  He knew he should go back up and fill his lungs, but curiosity got the better of him.  The bottom had to be here somewhere.

He went down, as far as his aching lungs allowed, before deciding it was time to turn back. But his friends were gone, only the shimmering light of the sun welcomed his gaze. Where was everybody? Where was he?  A school of fish swam passed his face, just then he noticed the water felt different, heavier.  Was he in the sea but how can that be?

Tom realized one other thing his lungs weren’t hurting anymore.  He was breathing, actually breathing underwater. What was going on?  How is it he was pluck from the pool and placed here?

He knew he should be panicking , but swimming with the fishes was fun.

It was hours later when Tom broke the surface giddy.   When he told everyone what happened to him they all thought he was lying or crazy. He didn’t care, he knew what had happened and as he walked home from the community pool he hoped it will happen again tomorrow.

Thank you….

Copyright © 2013 Glynis Rankin


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