The Between Review/ Evol

What doesn’t kill you…
She’d love him just as he loved her. She had to. She didn’t have a choice.
In love and happily living the life she always dreamed of, Venna Caldwell doesn’t know she is the object of a secret obsession. Until one night when she’s home alone and her stalker finally acts on his fantasies, dragging her into a sadistic nightmare that she barely escapes. Running for her life, from a man who will never stop hunting her, Venna reaches out to her estranged half-brother, grasping desperately at what little hope she has left. How far will she go to keep out of the clutches of the unrelenting monster that’s hungry for her?
The Author/ Jess Wygle
Jess Wygle  is a short story author and novelist. Primarily writing thrillers, with five novels/novellas under her belt, she has recently included non-fiction and romance in her repertoire. Jess is married to her husband, AJ and has a young son named Landon. She’s also a mother to a one-year-old red fox lab.
My Review
Evol has the standard theme of a lot of thrillers, a demented man’s infatuation with the woman of ‘his’ dreams. However Jess Wygle managed to infuse this standard with the undertones of the classic romantic mystery The Phantom of the Opera.
Like Erik in the phantom, Merrick’s need to possess his obsession Venna and make her love him is the premise of this story but unlike Erik, Merrick never gives up his quest to make Venna his own no matter the cost of life.
 Evol does not however follow the classic story despite the obvious undertones. In fact the subtle hints that it might stymie early on. Yet they were enough for the feeling to linger throughout this refreshing story littered with musical references.
Mrs. Wygle wrote an emotionally intense story, one with enough suspense and drama to keep the reader off balance with her plot twist. She balanced the culture of the British and American characters effortlessly while drawing the reader to her memorable character Venna whose strength of character came shining through as the story progressed … I’m happy to recommend Mrs. Wygle’s Evol.
 I give Evol four out of five stars. Simply because I would have wanted to read more about her ordeal.
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Between The Review
This self-proclaimed movie buff has a knack for photography. She’s an animal lover and I used to want to be a vet, but she’s currently enrolled at a local college studying education and has plans to teach English at the high school level as she works her way up the bestseller list.
 Movies and writing are her biggest hobbies, but she also enjoys singing out loud and her addiction is diet Mt. Dew.
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