picture it & Write/Desolate place

I saw them soaring above and knew I was too late.  Yet, with Doug leading the way, I ran through the falling snow. I blame myself , I was gone too long looking for food.

I didn’t want them to come with me, didn’t know what I would find hiding in that abandon city.  So my wife and child stayed behind, just outside the city limits to wait my return.

It was just a day, although years of ice and snow had already bit at my digits turning them black, I trudge on finding nothing in that desolate place but the remains of life from another time.  Exhaustion aside, I knew I had to get back to them.

 The feeding frenzy didn’t stop as I approached. Everything was starving in these unholy conditions. I shooed them away as best I could. But it was Doug that kept the  vultures off me as I got down on my knees, tears staining my face, to retrieve the remains of my family.

I turned the dark figure over and to my surprise it wasn’t my wife. Instead it was the caucuses of  some man. I panicked, where was my family? That’s when I heard my wife calling to me from a distance. They were alive, still alive!

In this desolate place, humanity aside, no food was turned away. That night we blessed the Gods for our feast of roasted meat.

Thank you …...Picture it and Write

Copyright © 2013 Glynis Rankin


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