What a Deal?



While I was out and about before this cold spell took over the country. I went to one of those infamous Dollar Tree stores. They, from time to time, have some amazing bargains. This particular day they had on display, in the front of the store, books.


Shocked, I grabbed an arm load and ran to the check out line. Excited, I threw them in the car and headed home. I had completely forgot to get what I went into the store for.  I was distracted to say the least, I mean just look at the wonderful books I got for less then the price of buying one at a bookstore.

I got more than enough books to get me through this winter chill. I’m only half way through them,  what joy I’ve had this January! Do I love Dollar Tree, oh yes I do!



  1. You can get some great books at these places sometimes! I see Janet Evanovich in your top photo – I’m currently reading number 19 in the Stephanie Plum series, coincidentally.

    1. I know right! I’m new to Evanovich’s work, but this was a very well written story that caught me from the first page. I’m going to get her other books and try to catch up. But wow, all of these are great stories by wonderful authors. Thanks Draliman!

      1. My mum swears by second hand book shops (plus the library). There are lot of second hand books out there now that people are switching to e-readers (myself included – I have so many books I literally ran out of room and had to start stacking them on the floor!).

        1. HA, ha! Love to meet a book lover. Your Mum is a smart lady. I love the Library and they sale used books for little to nothing! I’m starting on my second book shelf and the floor sounds like a great option when it comes to that. 🙂

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