Persistence and the Long Road to Publication

My Guest Host today is Glenn Maynard the author of “Strapped Into An American Dream” A Story based on his 1992 decision to get married, quit his job, sell his car and use their wedding money to travel through 48 states in one year. His second novel, the paranormal fiction, “Desert Son” was released February 13th, 2014.

Persistence and the Long Road to Publication

The year was 2009 when I published my first book, a non-fiction memoir entitled “Strapped Into An American Dream.” I fought long and hard to become a published author, so the taste was ever so sweet, especially since I was able to publish my book through a traditional publisher. I never did seriously consider pursuing the self-publishing route, so I held out for what seemed an eternity for my dream to be realized. Persistence was the key to my success. If you knock on so many doors, one is bound to open, and I never lost sight of that. As discouraging as tons of rejections are to a writer, I just pushed further along down the road of rejection. After all, I had worked so hard on my book, and then I worked so hard at trying to get it published.

My pursuit of finding an agent did die, but I got back on the horse and changed my pursuit. My new focus became cutting out the middle man. I pursued small publishers, and google became my new best friend.  I started googling terms like “small publishers,” “small publishers accepting manuscripts,” and “small publishers accepting first time authors.”  I will not sugar coat it. It was a lot of work and I did wonder if publication would ever come to fruition. I thought maybe my hobby would be trying to publish a book. There was one thing I did have, and that was a thick skin. I got to the point where I expected rejection.

When I finally held my book in my hands, there was no better feeling. It was such an accomplishment, and the road was long. I wondered if publication of my second book, this time a work of fiction, would come easy with one book under my belt. As I sent email after email and received rejection after rejection, it didn’t take long for me to realize that publication of my second book would not come easy just because I published one book. I did know that if I kept on it like I did with my first book, then a second door may eventually open. Sure, I probably could have published the second book through the same publisher that published my first book, but I wanted a better deal. It did take tons of emails and revisions again, but in February, 2014 I held my second  published book , a paranormal romance novel, in my hands. The ever so sweet taste returned. The fact that it was fiction made it all the more gratifying, since I had published non-fiction last time.

Maybe the road to publication is not as long for some authors, but I’m willing to bet that it is for most authors. Publishers are highly selective, and every week they receive hundreds of queries and manuscripts. Only a small percentage of them are accepted for publication. If you are ripping your hair out because of constant rejection, then you are in good company. You have too much time and effort invested in this manuscript to just abandon the dream. Don’t abandon the dream. Tweak your approach. Try going directly to the small publishers instead of trying to get an agent. Give your query letter a makeover. Revise your manuscript and try again. Do not stop your pursuit of publication until that door opens, and call the pursuit a hobby until then. That hobby may become very gratifying.

About the Author
Glenn Maynard has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of Connecticut, and a degree in Communications. After spending 4 years living in Denver, Colorado, he returned home to Connecticut and now resides in Wethersfield. He has a 14 year-old son named Andrew. He was a travel correspondent for three newspapers while traveling through the United States, Canada and Mexico during his one-year journey. He had a total of twenty newspaper articles published. His story was captured on the evening newscast upon his return.


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