The Between Review/ Legend of the Boy

The Legend of the Boy: All young boys dream of having super powers and being able to do great and wondrous things…except this boy. He’s not from this world, but he must save it, though he doesn’t know how.
Legend of the Boy is a science fiction tale that combines the notions of power, might, right, and destiny in a complex pattern woven from threads of logic, philosophy, and faith. This is the tale of a boy, a stranger to this world, who not only has to save the world, but must also destroy it, in order to move the human race forward.
Pain, tragedy, shock, and awe await you in the pages of, Legend of the Boy.

The Author

Toi Thomas is the author of the acclaimed  The Eternal Curse Series. She’s also working on other stories outside of the EC series and has been actively blogging, interviewing, and reviewing for her website The Toibox of Words  and sees no point in stopping any time soon. Sponsored by, Toi was named one of their, 2013, 50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading. In the Summer and Fall of 2014, Toi will have more stories to release and share with the public.  Toi  lives in  Virginia with her best friend and husband and her pet turtle Betty.You can contact Toi Thomas on the links provided.

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My Review

This story plunges the reader right smack in the middle of this boy’s plight. The author never provides  a history for the boy, only that he fell from the skies. But it didn’t matter. I was immediately tethered to him emotionally, and throughout this roller coast ride.

Thomas has woven a rich,  post -apocalyptic tale that bridges the boy’s vulnerability, strength, malice and redemptive qualities naturally. The author’s narrative is simple and plain, and might be construed as a children’s book.  But this is a mature intense story that might be disturbing for younger readers.

Masterfully written,it’s both suspenseful and jarring. This story, rolled into a small package, isn’t supposed to be the science fiction  tales of old. If it were, I doubt I would have enjoyed it.

I don’t want to give too much away, but even with all the upheaval. Toi Thomas managed to leave me optimistic.

This was categorized as a science fiction. I gave  The Legend of Boy three finger-snaps.

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 The Between

For two summers during her college career, Toi Thomas worked as a paid intern for N.A.S.A. Langley Research Center. She researched and tested software programs. The work, she said, wasn’t very exciting, but she got to see and a meet a few people who worked on the space shuttles and some of the team that worked on the Mars mission.



I was provided with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

Copyright © 2014 Glynis Rankin


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