I’m a Winner!!

Have you heard of Drabbles?

If you haven’t, Drabbles are short stories written in 100 words. They are a fun way for writers to tap into their creative side. I recently entered a Drabbles Contest hosted by Laszlo Kugler  a noted author/artist.

The theme: The first time …

Requirements: Write three separate original short stories …they MUST be exactly 100 words each (title not included).

The Prize: A book cover designed by Laszlo Kugler.


This was the first time I’ve written anything that’s won first place in a contest. I’m so excited.

As you know, a cover that stands out among hundreds of others is imperative for a writer in today’s market.  If you want to attract hundreds of readers to your stories, you’re going to need an amazing cover. Laz’s cover art is every writers’ dream.

I’m thrilled that he’s offered his time, free of charge, to work with me in order to create a fab cover for a book of my choice. I have just the right one in mind too. If you would like to read my winning stories click on the book.

Woo-hoo! I’m a Winner!!!

My Entry: Flowers

Blurb: My three 100 words stories that have little to do with flowers.

(Note: This is not one of Laszlo Kugler‘s covers)

If you are interested in some of  Laszlo Kugler‘s work then check out the cover for Linger or follow his link.



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