Wine and Food Blog Tour

Welcome all to the Wine & Food Blog Tour.

I would like to thank  Toi Thomas ( author of  Eternal Curse) for  inviting me! I know this food themed tour was right up your alley.

About my book: Believe is the story of a hardened fifteen year-old foster child name Sara Doe and her search to find her truth.

After the murders of her foster parents, Sara’s put in the spotlight and on the radar of some very dangerous people.
Child advocate, Dr. Tyrell Rogers spent years searching for his daughter. A late night call, asking him to come to the police station, might have gotten him a littler closer.  But the impending threat from ISBI and a clan of urban werewolves, doesn’t scare Tyrell half as much as the mistrust he sees in that child’s eyes.
SAC Clyde Barton lost her once; he doesn’t plan on doing it again.  Now that he’s found Sara Doe, she’ll never get away from him again, alive.

Can Sara trust a father she doubts in order to survive the night or will she put her trust in a man from her past? 

1) If your main character were a glass of wine, which one would they be.

  Sara Doe would be a glass of Syrah. An intense, full-bodied hearty wine whose aroma is a wild black current with the favor of black spice. She’s  often complicated, dark, deep and intensely gripping.  Like many premium Syrah wines who are at their best after some considerable bottle aging. Sara’s abundant qualities and underline elegance will after time propel her to greatness.

2) Describe your book in one meal:  A delicious French dish, Steak Tartare is served with onions, capers and  a raw egg yolk still in the shell with an order of crusty bread. Believe is a raw, meaty, decadent meal.

3) What candy would your book beNestlé Chunkylike the advertising slogan said, “Chunky, What a Chunk o’ Chocolate.”  Believe is a chunky story full of rich characters, salty situations, and succulent circumstances that takes an avid reader looking for a chunk of excitement to digest.

4) What does your book smell like? I would like to say, the fresh clean smell of a spring morning in the woods after a sudden shower. But  Believe is set in the inner city, where urban decay is prevalent.  The book reeks of urine, discarded trash and decaying flesh. 

5) Your book’s snack would be: Cocktail sausages in a thick red sauce. After all, even Urban Werewolves love thier quick meat snacks.

About you:

1) Describe your most memorable meal: I’m a foodie, and love a good hearty southern meal, but I don’t have a memorable meal. I do however have this little story about a  meal, it was very memorable. My family loved animals. We had dogs, cats and other assortments of four legged friends. I was about nine when our cat ( Blackie, we weren’t imaginative kids) had her first set of kittens. She had hid herself away from everyone. So me and my brother Alan( a year older) went in search of her and the kittens. It took all day but we never found them. That day my mother made  black-eyed peas and okra for dinner. I love the dish. While I was enjoying my meal, my brother leaned over the tablet and said. “You know why we never found Blackie and her kittens?” I shock my head no, eager to hear his explanation. “Momma killed them that’s why! We’re eating their eyes now!”

I was undone. I believed him and couldn’t finish my meal.  For years, I never ate black-eyed peas until I came to turns with the mental picture in my head. That memorable memory took its rightful place with the wonderful  memories of my dear brother after his death. Now I enjoy the healthy dish again with a smile.

2) One food word to describe your writing style:  A Sandwich

3) What will someone find you eating/drinking when you’re really into a good book?  Popcorn/Wine

4) Sweet or Salty? Both

Now that was fun!

Thanks everyone for stopping by, I hope you’ll come back for Believe’s release party this fall.  Details will be posted soon.


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