” Holy cow! Major chills! The ending was brilliant!”

Sara Doe has lived most of her life in Foster Care and as a result, she’s a hardened fifteen year-old who doesn’t trust anyone. The murders of her foster parents, has placed Sara in the spotlight and on the radar of some very dangerous people and werewolves.

Child advocate, Dr. Tyrell Rogers has spent years searching for his daughter. After a late night call. to advocate for a girl after the brutal murders of her foster parents. He’s sure he’s found her. But even the impending threat of the ISBI and a clan of werewolves out to kill her, doesn’t scare him half as much as the mistrust he sees in his child’s eyes.

SAC Clyde Barton lost her once; he doesn’t plan on doing it again. He’s spent a decade searching for a girl, using the vast resources of the ISBI at his disposal. Now that he’s found Sara Doe, she’ll never get away from him again, alive.

Can she trust a father she doubts in order to survive the night or will she trust a man from her past that she shouldn’t?

“Awesome! I can’t believe it! I was on the edge of my seat!” marriah14
“I don’t usually bother reading stories about werewolves or vampires. I find them ‘cultish’ and all similar.But…In this case I got interested before I realized I wasn’t reading a mystery. I’m glad you deceived me. I enjoyed it, in spite of myself.” Dave Horton author of Mike Claymore series
“That was the most unusual story of that genre I’ve ever read. Holy cow! Major chills! The ending was brilliant!” Judy Colella author of Soular Eclipse
“I enjoyed reading Blood Hunger. My attention was focused on the story from beginning to end. An excellent story. Great writing! I look forward to reading more in the series.” Tonya R. McRaft author of Destiny
© Glynis Rankin All rights reserved


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