Linger And Other Short Stories

“Aside from Water for Elephants,your Linger made me cry.”       

This compilation of short stories has the human condition on display. In this book you will find triumphs over insurmountable odds and surrender in the wake of misery and despair and everything in between. These five stories will bring you to tears, will enrage you, will make you cheer and have you wanting to hug those you hold dear more closely. If you enjoy reading stories with real life issues and unpredictable endings, then these will whet your appetite and leave you wanting more.
 The author is simply brilliant in expressing human emotions which touch the hearts beyond the realm of our five senses. I can’t wait to see her full novel in the near future. This book is worth more than my precious time reading it!  By EngrVV
“Realistic, tragic, yet heart-warming….that’s just the first story. “LAZARUS author of The Girl with a Mona Lisa Smile
“Not to forego the other four short stories that make up “Linger” in its entirety, but Linger itself was worth the twenty minutes out of my day to read such a beautiful, BEAUTIFUL piece of fiction. Aside from Watrer for Elephants, your Linger made me cry. Well done! ” Devlin De La Chapa author of HUSH
This very aptly named book does exactly what it says on the cover.The author has created characters you can believe in and in turn care about. As each story unfolds you are also able to feel the character’s anguish. Leaving the reader with no choice but to linger & deliberate the outcome from their moral standing. Chris-Jean Clarke author of The Hand of Fate
© Glynis Rankin All rights reserved

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