Between Review Request Policy


Thank you for considering BR  Between Review) for your book review, I’m so honored. Please take a minute to look at my Review Request Policy. Reviews will only be considered through emails. And do not send request through third party sites.

How to submit

Please submit  your email to BetweenReview@

The subject line should read Submission for Review.

Add  a Synopsis of your story, the blurb, book cover and genre as well as a small Bio in the body with links to your work. I accept books in physical form, ARC (advance reading copy), and Ebooks in several formats. However, Ebooks are best and will be generally used as a giveaway to support the review and the author promotion.


I will consider books reviews in the Speculative Fiction genre (fantasy, Scific, horror, supernaturaletc.), but I’m also currently reviewing YA and Mystery/Suspense fiction, this is on a limited basis. That is subject to change. Novellas and short stories are  welcome.

How I choose which request I will  accept

I accept book to review like I would choose a book in a library or bookstore, based on (but not limited to) reading schedule, personal schedule, if the offered book interests me, topic, genre and so on. I will not accept a book if I know I won’t have time to read it, but that doesn’t guarantee I will complete the review, even if I give a specific date/time frame is given.

Review System

My review will always include the books specs at the top with a shorten blurb about it and its cover. The links to the authors’ sites and media pages, and anything else you would like to add.

 Rating Systems

  • 5 fingers snap (loved it)
  • 4 fingers snap (great)
  • 3 fingers snap (good)
  • 2 fingers snap (just alright)
  • 1 finger snaps (needs work)
  • CNF (could not finish, just that bad) I usually don’t give these out, because they will not likely get passed the email request. I will always inform the author before getting to this point.

Publication of Review

A book review will go up as soon as I finish the book, usually within a month, unless the dates are either: specified by the publisher/author for closer to the release date and/or book tours.

My review will also be published on my Facebook page Imaginings and anywhere else the author would like, if given the proper information and time to complete the task.

Author Interviews, Promotions, and Guest Posts

I’m willing to do an author interview and promotion of your book(s). I will also open for guest posts. Feel free to contact me beforehand in your email request so we can discuss it further.

 Hosting giveaways:

I am opened to giveaways, just send me an email request with details. Any Ebooks I receive is subject to giveaway.

 Hosting Giveaways
I am opened to giveaways, just send me an email request with the details.



A Between Review is a none profit reviewer. I do not get paid for reviews.


I am  honored to have reviewed any author’s book for BR.  I would feel greatly honored, however,  if any author included me when submitting to any online publication or lit magazine etc.

Thanks for visiting. Tell me, what did you think?

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