“We’re all a little crazy!”coverpic3d (13)

Glynis Rankin talent to surprise knows no bounds, in this short novel of six fragments, she entertainingly explores what makes us uniquely Mental. From hearing voices from the beyond to the meaning of the nature of good and evil, she weaves tales that take us on speculative journeys beyond the veil of reality we have come to know.
In each tale some one’s world is turned upside down or given insight into the long pondered mysteries of what makes us all a little crazy.
In Lovely Night: A gentle, unassuming soul, only wants is to spend a lovely night at home with her husband, that is, until he decides he rather spend his nights with a lover.
The Reflection : Museum curator Mark Paul’s quiet life is turned upside-down after seeing a sinister face in his rear view mirror.
Before you go Mental, get your copy April 15,2014
© Glynis Rankin All rights reserved

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